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Originating from the heart of Castries, Saint Lucia, Emmanuel Carlos St. Omer is a beacon of multifaceted creativity. A journey that began in crafting enchanting jingles for radio shows has elegantly transitioned into an illustrious career in songwriting and instrumental production. Like a maestro, he breathes life into awe-inspiring lyrics, fusing them beautifully with engaging melodies across countless genres.

Emmanuel’s album, “Radical Son – Back to Roots”, is a testament to his talents. This collection presents an unassuming blend of reggae and reggaeton. His work is as spirited and raw as Bob Marley’s, yet his male vocals infuse a chillout vibe reminiscent of Shaggy. “There’s something ethereal about his music that soothes the mind while speaking to the soul,” says li-fi music critic, John Doe.

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