Emmanuel Carlos St.Omer shares a new album, "Radical Son – Back to Roots"
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Emmanuel Carlos St.Omer, a virtuoso musician from the Caribbean, cordially invites you to immerse yourself in his latest masterpiece, "Radical Son – Back to Roots." This 39-minute and 34-second musical odyssey takes you on a journey through the vibrant and alluring rhythms of the Caribbean, and it is nothing short of exceptional.

"Radical Son – Back to Roots" showcases 11 original tracks that encapsulate the very essence of reggae music while effortlessly incorporating modern elements. St.Omer's meticulous craftsmanship is displayed in each song, revealing his profound connection to his roots and his daring exploration of new horizons within the genre.

The album is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of reggae music, boasting infectious grooves that will have you swaying in no time, along with heartfelt lyrics that touch your soul. It is a revival of the genre's golden era, wrapped in a contemporary package that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.