Emmanuel Carlos St.Omer – Falling For Love Again
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Influenced by the likes of Bob Marley, Billy Joel, Jeff Lynn and Peter Tosh, Emmanuel Carlos St.Omer embraces and merges various genres in smooth, engaging melodies. With elegance and sophistication, the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has evolved from a professional radio jingle composer to a well-loved, established artist in the music industry. 

Following the tragic passing of his 18-year-old son Brandon in 2018, St.Omer captured the intricate emotions of life, loss and longing weaving melodies to touch people’s souls. From his earlier singles ‘That’s What Fathers Do For Their Sons’ and ‘Christmas On An Island Shore’ to 2023’s ‘You are my drug’; the St. Lucia-based musician has reached international audiences to critical acclaim. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Falling For Love Again’.

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