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Many artists around the world end up being inspired by films, characters and fictional stories to compose their hits, and it was no different with the American singer Emmanuel Carlos St.Omer when he composed “Falling for love again”.  MORE
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Today's Hot Music 19/2/2024 (Alt-Folk, Relaxing, Dream Pop, Hip-Hop, Pop)  MORE
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O cantor e compositor revelação do pop contemporâneo Emmanuel Carlos St. Omer acaba de lançar seu novo single, uma faixa linda, que nos surpreende e que vai muito além do pop.  MORE
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Get Lost in the Melodic Beauty of 'Falling for Love Again' – The Latest Masterpiece from Saint Lucia's Finest, Emmanuel Carlos St.Omer!

Somewhere in the heart of the realm of music is a place where stories are told through the joint harmony of sounds and language. It is here where melodies and lyrics bond to create the most moving of phenomena known to mankind.
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Discover the Latest and Greatest: 10 Tracks You Need to Hear Now!  MORE